Visual feedback

Well, the first batch of the new licenses have been shipped via e-mail to a number of people and some feedback has been received. It feels pretty weird (in a good way) when you get stuff like this from users:

Tommi Koivula screnshot of FrontDoor/2 2.32.mL

2 thoughts on “Visual feedback”

  1. I didn’t know you were still out here. I am glad to see you are and I have a question – “Are you working on a windows based version of Front-Door and it’s clients?”
    I ask because I am considering putting up a BBS and Mail system (sfter being off-line for almost 30 years) and your products always had 2 things I really liked – 1 they worked without me being an engineer (which I am not) and 2 they are always about the end user not being frustrated and going around the bend. I’ll be looking for your reply

    1. Hi there John, and thanks for stopping by :-)

      Well, I am “out here”, but unfortunately have very little time to spend on FrontDoor and related stuff. The re-boot attempt is paused as I suffered hardware failure and lost much of the re-booted stuff.

      I don’t think a Windows version of FrontDoor will ever materialize. If I were to find the time at some point, I would most likely spend it on making a Linux version of it.

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