FidoNet 2:20/4609

It took me by surprise, but I actually forgot some of the FM (Editor) keyboard shortcuts! #LOL

Messing around with FastEcho, AreaFix, ARCmail, nodelist compiling, TCP/IP port overrides, and setting up some sensible routing.

It seems like many years later, I’m finally re-connected to and with FidoNet. Who knows, I might just be posting in FDECHO soon, or possibly start a flame war in NET_DEV. I’m sure some things have changed, while others haven’t.

Well, 2:20/4609 is semi-alive. It’ll be a while until I have it online 24/7. But considering I do some of the compiler builds around 03:15 in the morning, I guess you can almost say I’m 24/7 :)

Why the “4609”? Well, there are historical reasons!

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